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Gradient Ocean

Vibrational Counselling

Feeling tired and anxious? Tried everything and are looking for something more holistic to tackle your emotional challenges?  There is a new understanding coming into being. Anxiety & depression, especially in young adults has sky rocketed, due in part to  social medial & the internet. The current suffering in the world is sparking a new way of thinking. An evolutionary way to understand our true nature. A concept, once mastered, is the key to true peace. It is simple, but not easy. It is the concept that you are not your thoughts. Your mind is an organ that thinks for you, but is not you. It’s an odd concept, but one that millions around the world are coming to learn and practice. Understanding and practicing this concept brought me a huge amount of inner peace and a return to physical health.  These sessions, conducted in a high vibrational setting can teach you techniques to help you  tame your racing thoughts and help ease anxiety & depression.

Resources are supplied to help you continue your exploration of what raises your own personal vibration and helps you to apply Vibrational Medicine in your life.

These sessions are classed as Nurse provided psychotherapy and therefore can be submitted for benefit coverage with most healthcare plans.

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