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Aerial View of Clouds

Vibrational Tarot & Oracle Reading

This integrative session is for those wishing to channel deeper issues. As everything is energy, these sessions translate well for those waiting to participate online. New insights are common as you interact and receive messages from your higher self (through Tarot) and divine masters (through the Oracles that speak to you).  This healing modality works by bringing to the surface old energy frequencies and patterns into your awareness in order to find true sustainable healing. Once brought to the surface, these old emotions and patterns need to be released and cleared so that new higher, more positive vibrational energy can enter your field. Walking in nature, meditation is a helpful way of raising your vibration and releasing stored energy. The Energy Healing, Chakra Cleansing and rebalance is an additional way to release and work towards restoring balance and creating a sense of peace . For those interested in combining both the insight of Tarot with the release and cleanse of Energy & Chakra work; the Vibrational Tarot + Integrative Energy Healing, Chakra Cleansing and Rebalance is recommended.

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